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So, finally a blog. I have been meaning to go down this path for some months now and we have come to this cross roads. The idea of creating a page for people to read my writing is a little self centered but I feel like I should share with the world what is going on in my head. While this may be a little intimidating to me, since I am dyslexic(or rather used to be not sure how much it really affects me now). I dont want to use my lethargicness to pervade my life any more so there for I am writing this blog.

Reasons for writing this blog are not limited to: my enrollment in the Launch Academy, changes in my life and ideas which must be shared with the world or at least a select group of people that will find there way here to this blog.

In this blog I will cover my basic interests from technology, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, start ups, ideas, and anything else that is worth noting.

For the sake of pushing myself, I commit to posting at minimum once per week. This should not be to challenging of a task but we shall see!

Well here’s to see if anyone will read this.