First Day Of Launch Academy
By Keith Webber, , 0 comments.

First Day Of Launch Academy So, I wanted to breakdown the experience so far with the Launch Academy staff and my experience with learning so far. We started at our every exact 9:14 start up with a group meeting where we went over the seriousness of the program and the chance for success… There was a part that kind of reminded me of my orientation at Boston Latin School. It was a look to the left look to the right one of you will not be here on graduation, I love the competition of success.

After the morning stand up we broke into our mentor groups and now I am officially a member of “Sam’s super duper secret group”! Sam the man, Sam the wise, how every the rest of those Hobbit references go.

The most exciting part came at the end of the day we when go to get our teeth into some actually problem solving and code challenges… we took on the typical programming interview question FizzBuzz. I took over lead of a small team of 4 and we worked through the problem to come up with a very elegant solution. But as soon as we had a working example, I wanted to refactor for prettyness. There is clearly a lot more that I need to get myself good at before I can call myself an expert, but I am more excited than ever to take the steps down that path.

ALSO, cool side projects: MBTA website with live tracking.