How To Get Free United Airline WiFi
By Keith Webber, , 0 comments.

On my United Airlines flight back from Denver to Boston this past weekened, I took the 4 hour flight to catch up on a few peices of work that I had been procrastinating on. After a few fits and starts of work I got stuck on a problem that I didnt have an answer for.

Remembering that the plane probably had wifi I quickly moved to my network manager to find that there was a wifi signal! Hooray. A quick look over the system and I found myself on this page:

A smooth $6.99 for standard internet or $10.99 for Accelerated internet. Now while this was tempting to pay, I decided it was NOT going to be worth it with only 1 hour or so before I was back on the ground. So started looking around what else UnitedWifi offered, maybe a few complimentary videos to help ease the mind.

Free surfing!

But what stuck out was that you could access unlimited and for free.

So I clicked the hyperlink and was redirected to! I though great, time to take a look at how this worked.

The url was:

Free surfing?

Mmmm… Seems pretty straight forward. goto path with a url= param set to the destination.

So I tried a few. First up and failed! Bummer. But lets try other attack vectors. How about the less secure http?

Lets try: Well at looks it works!!!



So then it was just a quick few seconds before I could make 1 request a time to get access to the internet.

from urllib import urlencode
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def setup_redirect(dirty_dest):
   return urlencode({'url': dirty_dest})

def goto(dest):
    final_dest = setup_redirect(dest)
    # final_dest = dest
    return BASE_URL + "?{}".format(final_dest)

def index(token):
   token = request.args.get('d')
   return goto(token)

if __name__ == '__main__':
   destination = ""  # MAKS SURE that it is http
   host = "localhost"
   port = "7777", port=int(port), debug=True, use_reloader=True, use_debugger=True)