How to Push Images to Qnap Container Station Registry

IPython removed support for python 2.7 with the release of iPython 6. This is a great setup forward for the community and python in general, but this can cause some annoyances in the development workflow for python 2 applications.

On my United Airlines flight back from Denver to Boston this past weekened, I took the 4 hour flight to catch up on a few peices of work that I had been procrastinating on. After a few fits and starts of work I got stuck on a problem that I didnt have an answer for.

Since I have recently started blogging, I really wanted a push button simple way to work in a local development enviornment that was portable. Also, since I have been writting a lot about Docker, I thought this would be an easy example.

Docker is a great tool that I have written about in the past. It is easy to get going with and allows a great amount of automation and consistency. One of the greatest features of the Docker ecosystem is the avaiablity to use other people’s docker images and Dockerfiles to get off the ground with a peice of technology quickly. In this tutorial I will attempt to demonstrate some of that power for a trival example of setting up an analytics environment.

Docker is a great tool to help provide a consistent enviornment, that allows easy development and can simply deployment. But with all technology there is a learning curve, so lets learn Docker in 2 minutes.

This was the first year that we decided to get a real live christmas tree! After much debate we settled on a nice 6 foot Fraser Fir. We brought it home and fought to get it perfectly upright. The next day we remembered with were heading to Philadelphia in a few days to visit some friends for a long weekend and would be able to water this very new tree. Not wanting to burden anyone with the daily chore of providing refreshment to our new Abies fraseri, we needed a solution and fast.

Ever want to turn a TV on or off with just the power of your voice? Well of course you did!

First Day Of Launch Academy So, I wanted to breakdown the experience so far with the Launch Academy staff and my experience with learning so far. We started at our every exact 9:14 start up with a group meeting where we went over the seriousness of the program and the chance for success… There was a part that kind of reminded me of my orientation at Boston Latin School. It was a look to the left look to the right one of you will not be here on graduation, I love the competition of success.

A little back story on why I wanted to get into being a software engineer. In my youth, I was always ask questions so as you can imagine I was a very annoying little kid. Everything had a questions attached to it, from why is the radiator hot to what makes it hot. This natural curiosity created a desire in me understand how the world worked.

So, finally a blog. I have been meaning to go down this path for some months now and we have come to this cross roads. The idea of creating a page for people to read my writing is a little self centered but I feel like I should share with the world what is going on in my head. While this may be a little intimidating to me, since I am dyslexic(or rather used to be not sure how much it really affects me now). I dont want to use my lethargicness to pervade my life any more so there for I am writing this blog.